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Interactive Sports Map

Provide a live visualization of the competition as your content directly on your pages. Display it for your audience on the Internet and on smart phones. Show sports events in real-time, record and play back later. Mobile first user experience for an easy and mass-compatible use.Racemap provides many useful map features to perfectly adapt your tracking map to your event. 

Customizations: Color tracks and markers, points of interest, emojis, various Mapbox styles, sponsor logo & link
Instant replay: Perfect for speakers. Move to earlier scenes of the race, watch the recap and return to live streaming
Statistics for each participant: Speed, distance from start, accumulated ascent & descent, distance to go and predicted time to finish
Gap analysis: Instant calculation of distance and time difference between participants
Search bar with the list of all participants, map settings and live rank
Dynamic links activate features like follow and select
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    Live Rank & GPS Timing

    Leaderboard live online. Easy real-time scoring, ranking and results based on GPS tracking and geo fences. Just set virtual splits for your race in your Racemap account.

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    Tracking Keys

    Keys are perfect to sell a live tracking service directly in the online application for a competition. You can generate and download event specific keys as *.csv-file in your Racemap account.Participants redeem a key in Racemap app to activate live tracking for a specific event. The key process can be automated with our API to import participant data. When athletes redeem their key in the app, they will be matched with their race, name and race number.

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    API to quick import participant data 

    Import and sync participant data automatically from your time keeping or online application system into the tracking map. This way you update the data in one system only. Using API import saves a lot of time.And if you do not work with an accessible application system, you can still upload your participant data with an *.csv-file.

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    Export API for instant race data

    Data stream for every participant of your competition, instantly every 10 sec. Perfect to feed infographics in TV such as the distance of the leading group and followers or for automated speed monitoring. 

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    Easy-to-use Tracking App

    Racemap App is one solution for spectators and participants. Users just download the app for free (iOS & Android). Through Racemap app we provide live tracking for multi events. The app enables cheap live tracking for your races, with no additional effort at the race ground. Racemap tracking app updates every 10 sec up to 15 hrs of live tracking.

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    GPS Trackers

    Racemap GPS trackers are ready to go with m2m-SIM cards. SIM card uses the strongest available network, thereby extending battery life. Multi tracker management: You keep track of all your GPS trackers directly in your Racemap account - simultaneously configuration of many trackers (without SMS commands), SOS alert, battery indicator, etc.

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    Prediction with Data from Time Keeping

    Unique algorithm that predicts participants’ future geo location. Live tracking of all participants without additional GPS hardware.

GPS Live Tracking for your sports events. Racemap streams your race live to the Internet and smart phones. For athletes, spectators and organizers.

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