Live tracking starting from € 10 for small events and flexible for even the largest sports events.

  • Tracking Packages

    Select a flex package and pay for the number of GPS devices in your map. Or select a fixed package based on the real number participants in the competition.

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    Bandwidth Packages

    All tracking packages include a generous number of daily page views. For large events you can use an extra bandwidth package to reach your online community.

  • Additional Options

    Add additional options, such as GPS tracker rent, sponsor logo, key selling or live rank & GPS timing, to make your event unique.

Tracking Packages

Depending on the size of your competition or your sports project Racemap offers various packages for your tracking map.

  • Flex Pricing

    Billing per devices (tracking app & GPS tracker) shown in your tracking map.

  • Fixed Pricing

    Predictable price depending on the number of participants in your race. Perfect for large events.

  • Private

    € 1010 devices included+ € 1 for each extra deviceper day, per tracking map

    Privately accessible Notify your friends via email, WhatsApp etc.Perfect for private sports projects & adventures

  • Public

    € 3010 devices included+ € 3 for each extra deviceper day, per tracking map

    Publicly visiblePerfect for small eventsPerfect for commercial tracking service

  • Daily Tracking Map

    € 30per deviceper year, per tracking map

    Personal URL Privately accessibleOne Year Live TrackingPerfect for your community in social media

Bandwidth Packages

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    Daily page views of all tracking maps for an event. Perfect to reach a huge online community.

  • Basic

    € 0per race day

    Up to 5000 page viewsIncludes all tracking maps of your event

  • Standard

    € 500per race day

    More than 5000 page viewsIncludes all tracking maps of your event

  • Professional

    € 1,000per race day

    More than 25000 page viewsIncludes all tracking maps of your event

Additional Options

Which option adapts your live tracking perfectly to the requirements of your sports event?

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    Tracking Keys

    € 3

    per key

    No risk for you. We don't charge for unused keys.Easily generate and download event specific keys.Perfect to automatically sell live tracking directly in online application for a competition. You can combine tracking keys with every tracking package.

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    GPS Tracker, rent

    from € 13

    per device

    Including m2m SIM card, data traffic, device already prepared for live tracking at your eventPerfect for orga tracking of the leading group, broom wagon, VIPs or ambulances. GPS trackers can be used in addition to tracking app.

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    Sponsor Logo

    from € 30

    per tracking map

    Including a logo and a linkAttractive advertising space directly in your tracking map. 

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    Live Rank & GPS Timing

    € 100

    per tracking map

    Your leaderboard live online. Easy real-time scoring, ranking and results based on GPS tracking. No extra costs and no additional hardware for time keeping.

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    Set-Up Tracking Map

    € 100

    per tracking map

    You know everything about your sports event and we find the best settings to meet your requirements. You just need to provide a logo and the race course as a track file such as *.kml.

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    API for real-time Data Feed

    Data stream for every participant of your competition, every 10 secPerfect for info graphics on TV such as the distance of the leading group and followers or for speed monitoring

Customer Stories

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    Flex Private

    Road Bike Tour

    7 cyclists uphill a pass in a group. A friend accompanies the group by car to provide them with refreshments. To manage breaks and to avoid them from wasting time, they use a private tracking map. 3 cyclists own a Racemap GPS tracker and just add their devices to the tracking map. The remaining 4 cyclists use the free Racemap tracking app. The car driver keeps track of the group also with Racemap app. They all have a perfect day.
    Tracking Map, Flex Private: 7 devices, 1 day€ 10 base rate

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    Flex Private & Sponsor Logo & Tracker, rent

    3 days Ultra-Trail project

    9 athletes running, additional 4 vehicles accompany the Ultra-Trail to give logistical support such as route finding. For safety reasons the 13 participants are tracked in the live visualization for their families at home and the organizer. The sports project is supported by a sponsor which adds his sponsor logo with a link to his website. The organizer decides to rent GPS tracker instead of using our free tracking app. 
    Tracking Map, Flex Private: 13 devices, 3 days€ 39 = 13 devices * 3 days * € 1 per day, per device
    Sponsor Logo: 3 days€ 90 = 3 days * € 30 per day
    Tracker rent: Standard tracker, price level: 13 devices, 3 days of use (from 2nd day of use cheaper tracker rent)€ 342 = 13 devices * € 26.31 per device
    Total:€ 471 = € 39 + € 90 + € 342

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    Fixed Packages & Bandwidth

    City marathon

    An organizer of a big city marathon wants live tracking to offer more information for his speaker and entertainment to his spectators during the race. To minimize the effort for his staff, athletes that want to join live tracking use the Racemap tracking app.
    Fixed Packages - predictable price depending on expected participants in the contests:€ 150, S package, 400 runners on the 10km course€ 300, M package, 1,500 runners on the 21km course€ 150, S package, 950 runners on the 42km course
    Bandwidth: As the sports event has a big online community, the organizer is going to embed the tracking map on the home page of the event site. About 100,000 page views of the home page are expected on race day from last year's event:€ 1,000, Professional Bandwidth
    Total:€ 1,600 = € 150 + € 300 + € 150 + € 1,000

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    Fixed Package & Tracking Keys

    24hr Road Bike Relay

    The time keeper manages live tracking for a 24hr bike relay. To monetize the tracking service, keys are sold directly with the online application. For additional € 6 the participants receive a personal tracking key to activate the Racemap tracking app for the race. 
    Fixed Package: 1780 participants registered for the race - M package. Race starts SAT at 12.00 p.m. and finishes SUN at 12.00 p.m. - 2 days.€ 600 = 2 days * € 300 per day
    Tracking Keys: As live tracking helps the teams for transition many participants booked the tracking option and finally 835 keys were used in Racemap.€ 2,505 = 835 keys * € 3 per key
    Total:€ 3,105 = € 600 + € 2,505


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GPS Live Tracking for your sports events. Racemap streams your race live to the Internet and smart phones. For athletes, spectators and organizers.

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